9 Mind Blowing Wedding Cake Trends for 2020

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Wedding cakes are quite simply the most effective way to create a showstopper centrepiece for your big day. And how many weddings have you been too where the cake was kind of meh?

Here at Cabbage Patch HQ, we aim to create mind blowing designs that your guests will never forget. Whether it's a sculpture of your favourite animal, a towering masterpiece with personal details or something simple but brilliantly executed to maximum impact - we've got you.

Wedding cakes needn't be simply white, iced and made up of three (or maybe four) tiers of box standard cake. Here are a few of our favourite styles that are crazy popular with all our 2020 couples:

1. Hand painted cakes

Disney hand painted wedding cake - (c) Flash Photography

Hand painted cakes are so popular right now and we're sure they will be for many years to come. Whether it's an idyllic landscape, your favourite characters or animals, hand painting adds personalised details, texture and interest to your design and make for a showstopper that will never be forgotten.

2. White wedding cakes

White wedding cakes needn't be plain - we're in love with the revamp of the traditional cake. Classic but definitely not understated. Trends will always hark back to the original and best and the same applies to wedding cake trends. White wedding cakes are definitely back in fashion and they've never looked so good! An injection of colour with matching sugar flowers create something truly special that turns heads.

3. Loaded drip cakes

Loaded Chocolate Drip Cake - (c) Alice Lodge Photography

Taking the internet by storm and dominating birthdays and big milestones since 2015, this trend is now emerging for wedding cakes! Doesn't it scream 'face-plant me'?! They are incredibly versatile and can be loaded with all your favourite goodies or keep it classy with flowers and elegant confections.

4. Hollow archway cake

Hollow cut out archway stag wedding cake - (c) Aaron Jeffels Photography

Completely breathtaking and utterly stunning - these gravity defying cakes are a wonder to behold. Charming and completely mind-blowing, they'll have your guests wondering how on earth it's even a cake. We've seen so many versions featuring birds in tree branches, big statement flowers and so many other magnificent spins on this design.

5. Themed cakes

Game of Thrones Wedding Cake (c) Aaron Jeffels Photography

Are you a bit of a dork at heart? Want to have some cheeky nods to your favourite film/tv show reflected in your design? Well look no further. Whether you want your sci-fi and fantasy dreams fore-front and centre on your cake or a more subtle approach like this Game of Thrones themed cake there are so many ways you can include the things you love in cake form!

6. Floating wedding cakes

Floating botanical wedding cake - (c) Kayleigh Ann Photography

One of this year's hottest trends and I think it's set to stay... Floating tier cakes are truly magical and can be used to create height and drama for so many different designs. Whether you're going down the botanical route like this amazing cake or just want to create something that's mind-bogglingly gravity defying, there are so many ways to personalise your cake for your special day.

7. Mismatched wedding cakes

Rustic woodland bas relief hand painted wedding cake - (c) Aaron Jeffels Photography

Cakes can be anything you want them to be. They needn't be three identical tiers if you don't want them to be! Take this beauty for instance - hand painting (another of our favourite trends!), bas relief that looks like intricately carved icing and a rustic silver birch cake. All different and all completely beautiful to create something truly special.

8. Carved cake sculptures

Carved sculpted giant 3D Felix the Fox 3D cake - (c) Aaron Jeffels Photopgrahy

Who decided that cakes have to look like cakes? Why not have an edible sculpture instead? We can dream up anything here at Cabbage Patch Bakery and make your wildest cakey dreams come true. Felix the Fox has got to be our favourite by a mile, isn't he a babe?!

9. Grazing Tables

Grazing tables and treats - (c) Kayleigh Ann Photography

Why have one cake when you could have a whole table of treats to graze on throughout the evening? If you can't make up your mind on flavours or just one design, then this one is for you! From brownie towers to cakesicles, cake pots to profiteroles there's something for everyone to nibble and enjoy!

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