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Enough about us, lets talk about you, and cake.

Look into our caketastic eyes, and repeat our special spell:

I should be allowed to enjoy a slice of cake without guilt.
I shall devour my cake free of disappointment, regret or remorse.
I will fearlessly guzzle that cake down with a smile, and not explode.

Now. Imagine your favourite cake. We’ve got a recipe to make it healthier.


Next. Think of a special occasion. We’ve got a cake to make it even better.

That 5th birthday needn’t come at the cost of an seismic sugar rush, or be followed by that catastrophic comedown. Your fairytale wedding shouldn’t lead to an enamel attack. Scrannin’ spooky Halloween sponge shouldn’t push you closer to the after-life.

Now then. Want a more natural, healthier cake that tastes bloomin’ brilliant?

Doncaster Rovers Donny Dog Mascot Cake -
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