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Our Veggie Alchemy
White transparent Cabbage Patch Bakery L

Cabbage Patch Cakes are a little bit different. We are always hard at work on new notions and potions to reduce fat, sugar and hard to digest elements. It means every creation that leaves our bakery is enriched with natural vegetables, laced with ingenious superfoods, and is the healthiest cake you’ve ever blown candles off.

It’s not all about the health benefits though. Vegetables add so much more to a cake. Their dreamy crumb texture and the moistness make for the most delicious dessert – and in turn, each vegetable adds natural sweetness and structure without the need for additives and tonnes of sugar.

Once you’ve been in touch and told us all of your cake dreams, we get our wizard hats on over at The Patch. Wand-in-hand, our baker and nutritionist duo battle it out to nail a recipe for a cake that looks out of this realm, is healthy enough to enchant your insides and tastes like a magic. Yorkshirius-magicus, Alaakazzam.

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