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Cake-mix Manifesto
White transparent Cabbage Patch Bakery L

We don’t ever want to sell you a cake. We want you to pay fair price for something that makes your day.


We take on each order with a love of the craft and the joy that comes from seeing your special occasion well cakey-fied.

Every time we pick up a sieve, we uphold our cake-mix mission:


  1.  Having your cake and eating is possible, regardless of who you are. When you choose us to deliver a cake worthy of your special occasion, you get a Baker and Nutritionist duo pouring their all into your order. They are embarked on a constant journey to nail recipes that allow for all the sweetness of those cake-filled moments whether you’re diabetic, allergic or extra-terrestrial.

  2. ‘Free from’, vegan, lower calorie, and reduced fat & sugar cakes will never taste like cardboard on our watch. Healthier people and a healthy Cabbage Patch Bakery go together like cake and candles.  A slice of our cake can get you well on the way to your five-a-day. Our veggie alchemy means that most of the sweetness, texture and colour in your cake is nutrient-rich and fresh from the earth.  Come to us for your wonder cake, and the special occasions you cake-up – will be healthier and tastier forever.

  3.  A more sustainable world will allow us to cake & party forever! Local producers are the bomb. We’re a Yorkshire bakery, and we aim to craft your cakes dreams using produce from our own patch. We use locally sourced ingredients where ever possible including free range eggs from the local charity ‘Poultry Project – Caring for Life in Cookridge’.

Those are the rules. The cake abides.

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