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  • Cake Tasting Consultation

    Available for all our wonderful clients who are considering booking with us, whether it's a birthday, wedding or corporate event. Join us for a brew to chat about all the finer details of your event, sample lots of tasty cake while we design the cake of your dreams!

  • Cocoa Chanel - Chocolate Cake

    Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya and sulphur dioxide. Vegan and gluten free option available on request. Small 10-12 portions - £60 Medium 12-16 portions - £80 Large up to 25 portions - £100 Collection from Cabbage Patch Bakery, 19A Northgate, Baildon, BD17 6JZ or local delivery available - delivery charges may apply. Made using our signature recipe veggie alchemy recipes. Design is set as per the photo, though as all our cakes are decorated by hand small variations may occur. If you would like to change any design elements or add any extra decoration to your birthday cake, please get in touch for a quote. Customised card toppers can be purchased for an additional £10 and can include any wording! Be sure to leave your customised message at the checkout if you select this option, or email for more details regarding fonts or any special requests. A 14 day lead time applies to our intricately designed birthday cakes such as this though you can pre-order them for a future date, select your requested date and fill out the booking form on the following pages. We'll then check our availability, confirm any other details with you, such as flavour of cake and delivery fees (if applicable) and send across a quote for you!

  • Peanut Power Cake

    Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya, peanuts and sulphur dioxide. Vegan and gluten free option available on request. Small 10-12 portions - £60 Medium 12-16 portions - £80 Large up to 25 portions - £100 Collection from Cabbage Patch Bakery, 19A Northgate, Baildon, BD17 6JZ or local delivery available - delivery charges may apply. Made using our signature recipe veggie alchemy recipes. Design is set as per the photo, though as all our cakes are decorated by hand small variations may occur. Vegan/gluten free decoration may vary. If you would like to change any design elements or add any extra decoration to your birthday cake, please get in touch for a quote. Customised card toppers can be purchased for an additional £10 and can include any wording! Be sure to leave your customised message at the checkout if you select this option, or email for more details regarding fonts or any special requests. A 14 day lead time applies to our intricately designed birthday cakes such as this though you can pre-order them for a future date, select your requested date and fill out the booking form on the following pages. We'll then check our availability, confirm any other details with you, such as flavour of cake and delivery fees (if applicable) and send across a quote for you!

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  • How much does a wedding cake actually cost?

    Shopping for your wedding cake is literally one of the most fun things you can do as a newly engaged couple. Even the most unenthusiastic wedding planners can get excited about cake! But, the question we most frequently get asked is ‘How much does a wedding cake cost?’. We’ve put together a guide to budgeting for your wedding cake as well as a few tips to cut costs along the way. How much does a wedding cake cost? Whilst the average spend of wedding cake is usually around £300, it’s becoming more and more common for couples to want to spend more on a showstopper centrepiece that will wow their guests, and cakes like this can come with a hefty price tag. We always advise our clients to let their imaginations go wild if they’re looking for a showstopper and encourage them to remember that when purchasing a bespoke wedding cake design that you’re mainly paying for the cake artist’s time, which could be up to a week’s work depending on the design. What factors effect the cost of a wedding cake? When exploring the world of cake, there are a few factors that will determine the final quote of your cake: The location of your wedding Although cake designers in the capital and in the south of the UK may charge more than us up int’ North, as their overheads are likely higher, it’s unlikely that the location of your wedding would effect the price of your wedding cake. However, if you’re set on hiring a specialist wedding cake maker who is based a long way away from the venue of your wedding, then of course you should expect an extra fee for delivery. As a rule of thumb, we are charge 55p a mile (round trip) for cakes outside of our local delivery area (15 mile radius of Baildon, Shipley) which can soon rack up if your cake is being delivered to Land’s End! Wedding cake size The size of your wedding cake will have a huge impact on the price of your cake. Naturally, a cake to serve 30 guests will cost much less than a cake to serve 200. On average, we make cakes to serve around 100 guests with around 3 or 4 tiers for a cake of this size which would cost a minimum of around £400 for a plainly decorated cake. Wedding cake design Whilst the size of your cake will impact the price of the cake greatly, the design is the biggest factor in budgeting for your wedding cake. Naked and semi-naked cakes involve much less work to create than a carved showstopper sculpture in cake form. Hand made sugar flowers also increase the price tremendously due to the time and skill involved in making them. As with any bespoke made product, be it a unique piece of furniture or a dress or a wedding cake, the cost to create something one-of-a-kind, especially for you is considerably higher than a shop bought cake, or one that Aunty Joyce can make. One hand made sugar rose, for example, may take a skilled cake maker an hour to create, so if your design has a flowing trail of roses from top to bottom, you should anticipate that the price will go up considerably. The more complex the design, the more expensive the cake. What can you get for your money? To make ordering your wedding cake as simple as possible, we’ve put together a guide of what you can expect to get for your budget for prices ranging from £100 to £1000. Whilst these prices vary depending on the size you need your cake to serve and whereabouts it needs to be delivered to, this is a great guide if you’re a novice when it comes to ordering custom cakes: Wedding cakes up to £100 For less than £100, you can expect a very simple, single tier buttercream finished cake in a naked or semi-naked style. As this is at the lower end of the price spectrum, there’s not much wiggle room for personalised details or big masterpieces. However, you can expect a small, simple and very elegant cake that serves around 18 guests, perfect for intimate wedding celebrations with your nearest and dearest. Wedding cakes £100 - £300 Upping your wedding cake budget to £300 gives a couple more options. If you’re looking to feed a large wedding party, supermarket wedding cakes are a great fit for this kind of budget. Retailers such as Marks and Spencer and Waitrose offer a lovely variety of wedding cakes that serve up to 120 people. Whilst this is a great deal for couples planning a wedding on a budget, the cakes are mass-produced and are usually limited to basic flavours such as chocolate, lemon and vanilla. If you’re after a more bespoke wedding cake for £300, you can expect to budget for a more detailed single tier wedding cake or a small two-tier cake with a simplistic or naked design that serves up to 50 people. Wedding Cakes for £300 – £400 For up to £400, couples should expect to get a three tier wedding cake that serves up to 100 people. The design of a three tier wedding cake for £400 is likely to be fairly basic and often the finish is buttercream, as opposed to fondant sugarpaste icing which makes this a budget friendly option. Fresh flowers can be used instead of sugar flowers for cakes in this price bracket to help keep the cost down. Wedding Cakes for £500 – £600 A good example of this price range would be our naked or loaded drip wedding cakes. These cakes are simple in design but by using fresh fruits, chocolates & treats, berries or silk flowers, we are able to create something very beautiful and personal for a couple’s wedding. This is also the starting price range for our three-tier fondant luxury bespoke cakes which serve between 80-120 people. Couples with a £600 budget for their wedding cake can expect a lot more attention to detail, design work and a more personalised design rather than a plainly decorated cake. Wedding Cakes for £700 – £800 Bringing your wedding cake budget up to £800 really opens up your options. For this price, couples should expect at least three or four tiers, sugar work and floral arrangements – plus other personalised design elements. These cakes are showstoppers that take centre stage at a wedding! Couples can expect added details such as handmade sugar flowers and a fondant sugarpaste finish. Wedding Cakes for £900 – £1,000 Increasing your wedding cake budget to £1,000 will buy you even more design work and attention to detail. For this price you can expect most four tier cakes and some simpler five tier cakes to be on offer. These cakes will usually include some time-consuming elements such as extensive fondant fabric effects, hand piping designs or hand-painted elements. If you’re expecting your wedding cake to be a real centrepiece at your reception and really stand out and be admired, you should expect to pay this price. Lots of intricate work goes into these cakes and they are often covered with lots of sugar work and detail that are personalised to reflect your passions, love for one another and nods to things you hold dear. Wedding Cakes Over £1,000 When you’re budgeting over £1,000 for a wedding cake, you should expect something extraordinary and we agree! This price range takes wedding cake designing to a whole new level. The possibilities are endless! These cakes can be carved cake sculptures that defy all logic or start from six or seven tiers and the design of the cake can include a custom-made detailing and intricate personalised emblems along with bespoke handmade sugar flowers. Are you newly engaged and looking to start your wedding cake designing journey? Get in touch with us today and let us create the cake of your dreams.

  • Coronavirus: Should I cancel my wedding?

    Coronavirus has really tested us all over the last few weeks, but what if you have a wedding booked this summer? Should you cancel? We're here to help offer a friendly hand, let's face it, none of us had a global pandemic on our list of things to worry about this year! So, you're planning a wedding and it's pretty imminent? Usually I'd be the first to say 'How exciting! Have you got everything sorted? Time to kick back and relax now?' but instead I'm here writing a blog about the dreaded COVID19 virus that putting a stopper in all our grand plans for the spring and summer season ahead. If you're wondering what you should be doing then read on... Contact your insurer as soon as possible As you might be aware, the Church of England have limited the number of people that can attend a wedding to a maximum of 5 people. This includes the wedding couple, the priest and two witnesses legally required. This means, therefore, that no actual guests can go to a wedding in church for the foreseeable. Registrars have also imposed the same restrictions which means that weddings cannot not be cancelled as such, unless your wedding venue for any reason has to close its doors. When it comes to your insurer, they might be able to help with costs. But, more than likely most couples might be disappointed. Make sure you provide evidence of what you've spent and evidence of financial commitments for anything you're due to pay. Give evidence of the disruption caused to you such as emails from the venue, airline, Foreign and Commonwealth office web announcement. If you have to cancel due to medical reasons and an important member of the wedding party is unable to attend, you'll need to produce medical evidence at some point. However, your insurer will not pay out if you're able to recover the costs elsewhere (from your airline, credit card provider, tour operator). Remember though, all policies are different so getting in touch with them as soon as is super important. You won't be covered if you cancel or postpone by choice There needs to be an insured reason for disruption to be able to claim on your wedding insurance. If you decided to take matters into your own hands and cancel without any legitimate insured reason, it's highly likely your insurer will not pay out. What are my rights if I choose to cancel due to Coronavirus? Weddings have not been banned by the Government or by churches so a decision you make to cancel is your own choice and therefore venues, caterers, etc will have to go ahead unless they fall into the category of venues that have been forced to close following the Government's recent outlines. If this is the case, then you should be eligible for a full refund. Check the small print of your contracts and contact your venue as soon as possible to discuss your options. They may be able to transfer your wedding to another date later in the year, subject to availability or next year. Far from ideal but it means your money hasn't gone 'poof' into thin air. If I have insurance, is this covered? In short, hopefully! It really does depend on the policy you have. Check your documents for a 'Force Majeure' clause - this allows cancellation because of unforeseen circumstances by a 'superior event' or acts of God. If your policy was taken out before COVID19 became a recognised 'issue' then you could still be covered. What are my rights when speaking with my caterers, cake maker, florist etc about cancelling or postponing? Most wedding suppliers will have no doubt have given you a contract at the point of booking which includes all their T&Cs. This is a legal document and in usual circumstances, if you were to postpone or cancel your wedding, this document would favour the business over the consumer. But, don't fret. In my opinion, many business and certainly any worth their salt understand that Coronavirus has full on reared its ugly head and we're all in the same boat. Any sensible business will look at a postponement without any quibble or charge. If you can, make any further payments on a credit card to get enhanced consumer protection. The Consumer Credit Act 1974, Section 75 where if a business goes under the credit card company should refund. If you wish to cancel altogether, you may well lose your deposit however unless you have insurance as above. Before postponing your wedding, do be sure to check availability for your new date with all of your suppliers before commiting to a new date. If they aren't available, again, you could forfeit your deposit as it would be deemed as a cancellation. What happens if I have guests travelling from overseas and they have to cancel or postpone their flights? The usual rule of thumb is that if a flight is cancelled by the airline, the passenger will receive a full refund. Here in the UK, if the FCO have recommended not to travel to certain destinations then flights will usually get cancelled. Check their current advice here. However, if a flight hasn't been cancelled, this is where travel insurance should kick in. Again, as with your wedding insurance, it all depends on the policy so tell your guests to get in touch with them ASAP. If you're still planning to go head with your wedding, come hell or high water then make the following changes: We all know about the whole social distancing thing now, hand washing and all the other precautions we should be taking in our daily lives but how can we translate this into a wedding situation? For ceremonies, only 5 people are able to be present - the bare necessity to conduct a legal ceremony, a priest or registrar, the wedding couple and two witnesses. This is until further notice. If you're set on still tying the knot, then consider having your videographer set up a static camera before leaving the building to capture the big moment so you can share it with friends and family. Or why not set up a live feed so everyone can watch? If you decide to postpone the reception until we're all allowed to gather in large social groups again then why not ask your priest or a celebrant to conduct a non-legal blessing or ceremony to mark the celebrations? Or you could play back your video for all your guests attending the reception? If you decide to go ahead, contact any vulnerable guests and prepare for a smaller guest list If your venue is still able to go ahead with your reception then be sure to advise any guests than are especially vulnerable - the elderly, pregnant women or anyone else who falls under the vulnerable category. Boris Johnson has advised against any social gatherings and his words should be taken into consideration, especially if your wedding is in the coming months. If you decide to crack on then don't forget to check your numbers. They will no doubt be lower than you'd initially expected. If space allows, try to seat your guests with plenty of space around them and seat households together. Have hand sanitiser available and as difficult as it might be for such a happy celebration, stipulate no hand shaking, hugging or kissing! Get wedding insurance, before you get symptoms! If you've not yet got wedding insurance or have only just started planning your wedding, my advice is get it now before you get symptoms. Coronavirus isn't going anywhere fast and will have already been written into clauses throughout the land of insurance. Weddings for 2021 and 2022 could still be impacted, no one really knows how long this will all last. Like they say, better safe than sorry. Get your insurance sorted now before you display any symptoms and check it covers you for the two biggies - either your venue is quarantined or one of the wedding couple or close family member fall ill with COVID-19. Insurance will cover you for varying amounts so needn't cost the earth. Be sure you read and understand the small print and remember, it won't cover you in the event of travel failure/flight delays or travel cancellations. You can't claim for something that has already happened either, so don't wait until you get flu type symptoms or a fever! Try not to panic Easier said than done, I know. Remember, we're all in this together and we can only go by the advice we're given from authorities. Take each day as it comes. If your wedding is for the summer months this year then continue with your plans as normal until you're told otherwise. If you hang fire, things will mount up and become overwhelming right before the wedding. Speak with your suppliers. They will help to guide you on when it's appropriate (or not!) to start to think about rearranging plans and will prompt you as and when they need information from you such as numbers of guests, confirmation and final balances to be paid. If you're unsure then just get in touch with them - you're paying them to provide a service and that includes the run up to the wedding too! Don't make any rash decisions without speaking with all your suppliers first and if you think you need to postpone, make sure to check with all your suppliers that they have availability for your new date. What about Plan B? Do you have one? If not, it's time to think about it. Even if Coronavirus wasn't a 'thing', it's always advisable to have back up plan if things were to go 'Pete Tong'. There are plenty of natural elements that are out of your control and that's why it's so important to get insurance but also a professional accredited full-service wedding or events planner. Full-service events planners aren't just there on the big day but there to help every step of the way. They have a full network of venues and vendors who can provide you with the same level of service you're expecting from Plan A and the knowledge and foresight to plan ahead for every eventuality. AKA - they've got your back and have thought of Plan B, C and D through to Z. Don't let Coronavirus get your knickers in a twist Hopefully we've helped and not driven you into a crazed frenzy. What's key to remember is that having the appropriate insurance could be key to claiming refunds. Remember suppliers are there to help, not hinder your plans! And if in true British spirit you plan to soldier on, please, please take the necessary precautions to keep your guests safe. To my couples that have late spring and summer weddings booked... Please do not panic, so long as I have availability to transfer your booking, I will move heaven and earth to make sure your wedding is as stress free as it can be given the current situation. If you're worried, need a pep talk or just a friendly non-COVID19 chat, please do get in touch and let me know how I can help!

  • Finalists for the I Do Wedding Awards

    We've been shortlisted as a finalist for 'Best in Exhibition' for the I Do Magazine Awards in May this year! Eeeek! How exciting! Thank you so much to all the Brides and Grooms who voted for us at the Leeds show at Elland Road on Sunday 2nd February. We're absolutely chuffed to bits! That means we need to dig out our party frocks and head to the awards ceremony in Sheffield and see whether we've won overall! We've also been nominated for Best Wedding Cake for Yorkshire & Humberside region so keep your fingers and toes crossed for us! We've got exciting things happening this month if you're keen to come and have a chat at our second wedding fair of the year or to come and pick up some treats at our market stall... Saturday 22nd February - Farsley Farmers Market, St John's Hall Car Park 9am - 12.30pm Sunday 23rd February - The UK Wedding Event at Cedar Court, Harrogate 11am - 2pm ... which will certainly keep us busy along with our first wedding cake of the year and a huuuuge corporate order that we can't wait to tell you all about! Much love to you all as always and thank you once again for shortlisting us for the awards! Over the moon is an understatement!

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  • Weddings | Cabbage Patch Bakery

    WEDDING CAKES Looking for a truly extraordinary wedding cake? Look no further. Cabbage Patch cakes are created with you in mind, show-stopper cakes are what we do! ​ No two cakes are the same, and all ou r creations are custom made with personal nods to each of our couples to create an extra special, unique wedding cake to remember. GET IN TOUCH FOR A QUOTE BROWSE OUR RANGE OF WEDDING CAKES TO ORDER HERE To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

  • The Menu | Cabbage Patch Bakery | Leeds, England

    The Menu Our cakes are as quirky as their maker! We are super passionate about using the finest locally sourced ingredients we can get our mitts on including: free range eggs from Crag House Farm, Cookridge; dairy products from Longley Farm, Holmfirth; all our veggies and fruit from our local greengrocers, Sutcliffe’s of Farsley; and rapeseed oil from Wharfe Valley Farm, Collingham. ​ Cakes can be made allergen friendly upon request, please be sure to notify us in advance if you have any dietary requirements we should be aware of. Please note we are not an allergen free kitchen and handle all known allergens in our small kitchen. We take every care whilst creating free from cakes to avoid cross contamination, however we cannot work in an allergen free environment. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. ​ (VA) - Vegan option available, can be vegan on request (GFA) - Gluten free option available, can be gluten free on request Soya, nut, sulphur, alcohol, egg & milk free cakes are available upon request, just let us know at the point of booking! ​ MAD VICKI Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya. (VA) (GFA) Victoria, otherwise known is Vicki or Vics to her mates, looks every ounce completely ordinary but is far from it. Laced with courgette and Madagascan vanilla, Vicki is a bit of a wild one. Traditionally, you’ll see her filled with homemade raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream but she’s always up for switching things up! COCOA CHANEL Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya and sulphur dioxide. (VA) (GFA) A timeless classic, reworked. It never goes out of fashion. Layers of sweet potato and chocolate sponge with silky chocolate buttercream. LADY LEMON Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya and sulphur dioxide. (VA) (GFA) She carries herself with grace and poise and has a zest for life! She’s a ray of sunshine, even when winter is here. Her lemony loveliness and courgette charms create a dainty delight. Finished with homemade lemon curd and zingy lemon buttercream. JAFFA SNAFFLER Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya and sulphur dioxide. (VA) (GFA) This wee rascal is definitely not a biscuit, our Cocoa Chanel sponge infused with orange zest and filled with ultimate chocolate orange buttercream. ESPRESSO YO'SELF Contains nuts, egg, milk, gluten, soya. (VA) (GFA) Quirky, zappy and zany. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Parsnip and walnut cake dowsed with a healthy shot of Espresso and for an extra caffeine hit, espresso steeped buttercream. MERCI MON CHERRY Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya and sulphur dioxide. (VA) (GFA) Chocolate and cherries have been BFFs for… well, forever. Always the popular girls at school and everyone wanted to be in their gang. Cocoa Chanel and cherries team up once again to give you chocolate and sweet potato sponge studded with maraschino cherries and layered with cheeky cherry crème au beurre. SALT BAE Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya and sulphur dioxide. (VA) (GFA) As completely extra as his namesake. Flamboyant and deadly serious. Salted brown sugar and butternut squash treacle sponge cake filled with gooey, salted butterscotch sauce and salted caramel buttercream. 24 CARROT GOLD Contains nuts, egg, milk, gluten, soya. (VA) (GFA) Pure and simple. No messing with this classic. Well. Only a little. Traditional carrot cake stacked with zesty lime frosting. PECAN PIE Contains nuts, egg, milk, gluten, soya. (VA) (GFA) Can recite the Pledge of Allegiance word for word, celebrates 4th July with much vigour and stays up all day and night to watch the Superbowl. He’s a star-spangled superstar made with parsnip, chopped pecans and Grade A maple syrup, a stand-up guy deserving of his fine maple syrup Swiss meringue frosting. HARRY & MEGHAN Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya and sulphur dioxide. (VA) (GFA) Lady Lemon was born to go to court! Lemon and courgette sponge filled with floral and elegant elderflower scented meringue buttercream. (RASP)BARRY WHITE Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya and sulphur dioxide. (VA) (GFA) Sexy and soulful. Your sweetness is our weakness. You’ll love this white chocolate and raspberry layer courgette cake filled with white chocolate ganache, just like us. SCOFFEE BANOFFEE Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya and sulphur dioxide. (VA) (Can be GFA without biscuit meringue buttercream) Banoffee is the kinda kid that has a caramel moustache and crumbs all round his chops. Banana and squidgy butternut squash sponge cake with salted toffee sauce and caramelised biscuit meringue buttercream. SWEET CHAI OF MINE Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya. (VA) (GFA) She’s fragrant and it seems to me, reminds me of coffee shop memories. Aromatic, chai spiced parsnip cake with mixed spiced Swiss meringue buttercream. HOUSTON, WE HAVE BISCOFF! Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya and sulphur dioxide. (VA) One small slice for me and one giant slice for.. also me! We can’t help it, this cake is out of this world! Brown sugar and butternut squash sponge layered with dreamy Biscoff spread and coffee crème. PEANUT POWER Contains peanuts, egg, milk, gluten, soya and sulphur dioxide. (VA) (GFA) There is nothing in this world that a jar of peanut butter and a spoon cannot fix. Fact. The solution to all your problems awaits. Caramelised butternut squash sponge stacked with a healthy dollop of pure, unadulterated peanut butter and peanut buttercream. GRANDMA'S FLUTE CAKE Contains nuts, egg, milk, gluten, soya and sulphur dioxide. (VA) (GFA) Grandma Weston’s favourite fruit cake (ask us why it's called 'flute' cake and settle in for story time!). No mucking around here. Whether you enjoy it with a nice cup of Grandma Weston’s other love, Yorkshire Gold tea, or with a good chunk of Wensleydale, this lady has got you covered with her brandy soaked fruits, covered in a blanket of marzipan. CHERRY BAKEWELL Contains egg, milk, gluten, nuts, soya and sulphur dioxide. (VA) (GFA) AMERICAN DREAM Contains egg, milk, gluten, soya. (VA) (GFA) A bit of a tart but we don't mind, we're all friends here. She'd love you to pick her... Pretty please with a cherry on top! Almond and courgette sponge studded with glace cherries, layered with almond buttercream and more cherries. Freedom, success, riches, fame and glory - that's what this little cake gets out of bed for! His determination to be utterly delicious is noteworthy. Beetroot, chocolate and vanilla notes flavour this sponge and give him his characteristic reddish colour, layered with tangy vanilla cream cheese frosting for the ultimate treat. Woah is that it? But you missed out my FAVOURITE flavour?! Don’t be silly, we constantly have our thinking caps on when it comes to flavour combinations and power couples of the culinary world. If you’re the kinda guy that wants to see Peanut Power pal up with Pecan Pie, we can make it happen (we have mutual contacts *wink*). No, seriously, we bake from scratch and your wish is our command. Try before you buy! If you're a little undecided on flavours, we offer postable cake samples, served in a generous Yorkshire portion sized pots (perfect for two to share!) priced at £25 including postage/local delivery (LS, BD or WF postcodes). Choose up to any 4 flavours from our menu above (excluding Grandma's Flute Cake), we recommend choosing your four favourite flavours and then narrowing it down from there! For orders placed over £300, £25 will be deducted from your final balance if you decide to book! Get in touch to learn more.

  • Birthday Cakes Delivered | Cabbage Patch Bakery | Leeds

    Due to high demand, please allow up to 7 working days upon ordering for UK Mail Orders and orders for collection. ​ Custom cakes available to order for delivery across Leeds & Bradford, get in touch for a quote! CUSTOM CAKES - ENQUIRE NOW BROWSE OUR SHOP UK Mail Order Need a delivery further afield? We post! ​ SHOP NOW Looking for a bespoke cake design? We make custom cakes in all shapes and sizes, for all occasions. GERRIN' TOUCH FOR A QUOTE Gift Ideas Perfect for showing someone you care! ​ Monthly Treat Boxes Available for UK mail order or collection from our studio in Baildon Birthday Cake Order now for collection or delivery across Leeds, Bradford and beyond! Free From Treats Made with our vegan recipes and a gluten free flour blend Wedding Cakes Delivering across Yorkshire and beyond, enquire now ​ View ALL Products Browse our whole range of veg loaded treats ​ EY UP! Cabbage Patch Bakery is on a Yorkshire – born mission to take over the bloomin’ world by baking it healthier cakes that feed the soul of any occasion, and are mind-blowing to behold. ​ Inspired by the sweet tooth of Beccy’s Grandma and her dietary needs – we simply will not stop until everyone, everywhere is having their cake and eating it. Regardless of dietary demands. This cake maker and Nutritionist duo can create the cake of your dreams. ​ Whether you need a wonder-cake that’s veggie or vegan, free from gluten or other allergens – we’ll make a cake you’ll never forget. ​ Every bake abides by our cake-mix manifesto , and we use vegetable alchemy to ensure that every ounce you eat is healthy enough to give a proper Yorkshi’ hug to your heart. WHAT WE DO Small, local bakery run by Beccy and Rich, baker and nutritionist duo. Healthier recipes made with vegetables, lower in fat & sugar vs traditional recipes Bespoke cake design Delivery across the UK Free cake-tasting consultations (available once again when Government guidelines allow) Mail order cakes and treats, posting across the whole of the UK Gerrin' touch > WHAT OUR LOVELY CLIENTS SAY Natalie J - The most delicious cakes and brownies I have ever tasted! And because they have veggies in, I feel less guilty about eaten so many of them! 100% recommend for your cake fix or special occasion! James B - Genuinely the most lovely person who creates the most incredible cakes! Our consultation was an absolute delight and Beccy was incredibly accommodating with our indecision and dietary requirements. Do yourself a favour, save yourself some hassle and get the best cakes in Yorkshire. Angela H - I was very lucky that Beccy was able to fit my last minute cake order in, as I was aware she was extremely busy. What a star she is! Such a stunning and delicious cake I had made by this very talented young lady. Beccy took on board all the little touches I had mentioned and managed to incorporate them on the cake. Just wonderful! The cake was moist and so tasty, but disappeared all too quickly! AS SEEN ON CHANNEL 4'S KIRSTIE'S HANDMADE CHRISTMAS 2019

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